“I Can Dance” is a dance curriculum for the age group 5  to 15 which concentrates mainly on dance styles such as
Freestyle, Hip-Hop, Cotemporary, Bollywood, Jazz, Folk, Latin American & Creative
Movements. It also includes different activities to build their confidence, different
exercises & workouts to increase their body flexibility & fitness. We cover basics of
Gymnastics & Theatre too.
This program helps the child in correcting their body posture, improve muscle tone &
strength, greater self- esteem.
It also helps them to reduce their stress & anxiety levels and improve socio-emotional


its a combination of different dance forms and movements based on Fitness.


  • We provide curriculum to the Pre-School & School for the whole academic year, which covers all the events conducted by the School -Annual Day, Sports Day, Graduation Day.

  • Our Choreography is based on various themes, different dance styles, script based, theatrical dance

     & many more innovative ideas.

  • Our training programs are very interactive, fun loaded & designed to bring out the best in the children.


“After School Dance”. Program will be conducted for students after their school hours. This program is specially conducted for students who enroll for this program. We follow ”I Can Dance” curriculum for this program.Students who are part of this program will get the following opportunities and exposure:
Children will get a chance to perform in One Move's Annual showcase “HEARTBEATS”.
Children will get a chance to be part of dance videos.
Best students with good potential will be selected in our professional kids team “One Move kids Crew” the team gets training from the best instructors in the country as well as international
instructors. Training for the kids crew happens 3 times a week.
Best students will get chance to participate in “Dance World Cup” qualifiers round conducted in
India. The selected group represents India in DWC internationally.

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